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One-stop Family Care

Since its establishment in 1978, Good Moonhwa Hospital has grown into a general hospital with 16 centers including 17 departments, such as its gynecologic endoscope center, infertility center, natural childbirth center, intensive care center for newborns, gastrointestinal endoscopy center, artificial kidney center, and breast and thyroid center. We have established all sorts of amenities and digital systems, such as an EMR system, MOD installations inside wards, and multi-monitors to provide information. We have been playing a leading role in developing local care by offering patient-oriented medical services and have emerged into a regional representative general hospital.

Also, for the development of society and the promotion of wellbeing and wellness of residents, we have been conducting various events, such as sponsorship programs for UNICEF and ChildFund Korea, donations, scholarships, free clinics, environmental campaigns, free lectures on health, etc.

Acquisition of Certified
Medical institutions

Good MOONHWA HOSPITAL has been appointmented as an accredited organization by the Ministry of health and welfare in accordance with Medical Act Article 58-1 and 58-3.

What is the Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organization?
The Accreditation Program for Healthcare Organizations is a scheme designed to induce medical institutions to continuously and voluntarily make endeavors to enhance patient safety and the level of healthcare quality medical services to the public.

Good Hospital Network
Eunseong Medical Foundation & Good Hospital Network.

Eunseong Medical Foundation & Good Hospital Network.

Eunseong Medical Foundation and its affiliates value both humanism and professionalism.
We do and hold ourselves accountable for our clients and patients all the time, as a ‘Good Hospital’ We are committed to providing you with the best possible medical service.


Gynecologic Endoscopy Operation Center

Since its launch in 1993, the gynecologic endoscopic surgery center, with its 20 healthcare professionals, has treated more than 30,056 cases of various gynecologic diseases, becoming a center that surpasses the local level. Endoscopic surgeries are safe and simple operations that protect women’s health by treating uterine myoma, ovarian cysts, benign tumors, ectopic pregnancies, diseases related to infertility, endometriosis, adenomyosis uteri, intra-abdominal adhesions, inflammatory diseases, etc. Multiple research findings of the endoscopic surgery center, such as 「A New and Simple Endoscopic Surgery for Ectopic Pregnancies」, have been published in journals at home and abroad and in Williams Obstetrics, the world's premier obstetrics textbook, boasting world-class endoscopic techniques.

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